A Chaplain is someone who is trained to work in a ministry capacity to help people who are hurting or in need of spiritual care. They have a special calling to go out among people of all denominations and faiths to bring healing in critical situations.

A Chaplain is on call physically to be of service in whatever a person needs spiritually. They have a ministry of presence in that they represent God in the midst of His people.

Anyone who has a deep calling to help people who are hurting.

A crisis is an event that happens in a person's life that is out of their control.

A crisis can occur at any time to any one. There are NO boundaries to the occurrence of a crisis.

Crisis Chaplaincy Training Course Teaches

A Chaplain is a front line minister. He or she deals with the hands on Spiritual support of all the points of crisis intervention. A Chaplain needs to be trained in how to minister in the midst of a critical incident. The Chaplain brings the Spiritual component into crisis intervention. Training for the Ministry of Presence is in the forefront of preparing for Chaplaincy and not everyone can be in the middle of a terrible event and not know how to work with the victims involved at the time of the event. There are things you do and do not do as a Chaplain and the person working in ministry certainly needs to be educated and credentialed to know what to do. The Chaplain can go where other Ministers and Caregivers cannot go. The Chaplain can go beyond the yellow ribbon and work with victims and first responders alike. This is why the Spiritual Link in crisis intervention is missing. There are not many experienced and trained Chaplains available.

Restorative Therapy Course Teaches

Looking To Start Your Own Counseling Practice Or Just Want to Know How To Help Others Who Are Hurting

A counselor works on the backside of a crisis. The backside is what happens to a person who has been traumatized and the need for helping victims to be able to work through the crisis and why it happened is the counselors job. Counselors help people who hurt for a variety of problems that occur from just living life. Counselors have a much more settled base than Chaplains. They are trained to get behind the eyes of their clients to find the core or the root cause of the problems their clients are dealing with. Counselors need to be trained in a much broader scope of life controlling issues in order to be able to work with the people affected that they will be helping. The established treatment industry mainly deals with the dichotomy of the hurting person. Dichotomy simply means the body and soul. Most often the trichotomy is left out. The Spiritual component is the missing link that the Faith Based approach helps connect.

It depends on where the Chaplain's ministry is located. There are agencies who hire Chaplains such as hospitals and other places who work with the needs of the people.

Starting depends on training. You can start as a Chaplain when you are certified and trained with courses such as Crisis Chaplaincy Basic Care Course offered here. After training, you can look for position with an agency or local organizations and churches.

There are numerous organizations that you can join. Most are online.

License is a credential term used by government organizations. Certification is a credentialed term used by religious organizations which operate separate from the government State rules and requirements. You will have the credentials and certification upon completion.

Age limit would be 18 and over.