A Chaplain is someone who is trained to work in a ministry capacity to help people who are hurting or in need of spiritual care. They have a special calling to go out among people of all denominations and faiths to bring healing in critical situations.

A Chaplain is on call physically to be of service in whatever a person needs spiritually. They have a ministry of presence in that they represent God in the midst of His people.

Anyone who has a deep calling to help people who are hurting.

A crisis is an event that happens in a person's life that is out of their control.

A crisis can occur at any time to any one. There are NO boundaries to the occurrence of a crisis.

A Pastor usually has a stationary ministry to a congregation in a church setting and a Chaplain goes anywhere he/she is called to help whoever or wherever.

It depends on where the Chaplain's ministry is located. There are agencies who hire Chaplains such as hospitals and other places who work with the needs of the people.

Starting depends on training. You can start as a Chaplain when you are certified and trained with courses such as Crisis Chaplaincy Basic Care Course offered here. After training, you can look for position with an agency or local organizations and churches.

There are numerous organizations that you can join. Most are online.

License is a credential term used by government organizations. Certification is a credentialed term used by religious organizations which operate separate from the government State rules and requirements. You will have the credentials and certification upon completion.

Age limit would be 18 and over.