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Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael K. Haynes

President and Founder of Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc. 1996 along with Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc. 1998

Author, Writer & Publisher


Dr. Michael K. Haynes is an internationally known author with 61 books to his credit. There are 20 titles which bear his name while the others were written for people in various businesses and ministries. He has traveled across America and several foreign countries including China lecturing communities, law enforcement, the military and churches concerning the sweeping difficulties that are facing our nation’s youth and families.

His seminars have been in great demand and have been attended by thousands. “The god Of Rock” seminar was seen by over 1 million people during the mid 1980’s. His bestselling book of the same title sold in excess of 300,000 copies.

Dr. Haynes founded The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc. in 1996. He also founded Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc. in 1998. Because of his former fire-fighting and EMS experience, he was called upon by the North American Mission Board on September 1, 2001 to lead a team to Ground Zero in New Your City immediately following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. He was on that horrible crime scene three days after the towers fell and trained/counseled there for a year to the day. The result was a loss of health through cancer from what he breathed and PTSD from what he saw and experienced there.

Michael holds a Ph.D. in Theology and Counseling. He is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and is certified with the International Conference of Police Chaplains as well as achieving advanced certification in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for FBCTI’s exceedingly successful training courses.

Holly Haynes



Holly Haynes has taken over as CEO of Faith Based Counselor Training Institute in 2018. The school her father Dr. Michael K. Haynes started in 1996 is still going strong and Holly moved their International Headquarters to Steamboat Springs, Co the same year 2018. Holly has been a Certified Restorative Therapist specializing in Anger Management, Chemical Dependency, and helping women align with life since 2005. Holly was a top home builder in the state of Texas for 15 years and her favorite thing to teach women spiritually relating to that is "How to Build a House Properly." Holly is also a Certified Crisis Chaplain. Holly is married and has 5 grown children and now 6 grandchildren.