Who is Michael?

Dr. Michael K. Haynes at the Faith Based Community

Initiative Offices In Washington, D.C. Across From The White House

Dr. Haynes is an internationally known author with 63 books to his credit. There are twenty-one titles which bear his name, and the others were written forpeople in various industries and ministries.Some of Michael’s better known works include, “THE TOUCH OF TWO KINGS”, The King of Rock n Roll and The King of Kings, a book written for Elvis Presley’s stepbrother;“A GUIDE TO KNOWING GOD”, a Christian Discipleship Manual (12 printings);“THEDEA (Drug Educators Associates) MANUAL ON DRUG ABUSE”;“THE god OF ROCK: A Christian Perspective of Rock Music (300,000 sold); “THE KID KILLER: Teen Suicide; “SATANISM IN AMERICA: Cults and the Occult.Other works include, “LIFE...WHAT A RIDE!”, a book written for Jerry Kenchel, one of the three founders of the telecommunications giant, EXCEL; “HOW TO EFFECTIVELY PRAY FOR YOUR GRANDCHILDREN”, and “THE DAY THE ANGELS CRIED”, the true story of a mass murder which took place at the First Baptist Church of Dangerfield, TX;GOLD FEVER, TEXAS STYLE, is another true story of attorney Mike Rogers and the pervasive power of greed.Also, 4 books were written and edited for nationally renowned motivational speaker, Milton Creagh.Michael has been producing books for platform personalities since 1972.He wrote 3 books for Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention.He also developed a platform publishing concept and wrote books for evangelists Manley Beasley, Sam Cathy, and Ron Dunn.Dr. Haynes has also written and had published over 30 gospel and country songs including one complete drama/musical he co-authored with award winning songwriter, Gary Lanier, entitled “PRIORITY”, that was published by Crescendo in 1973.He was also a full-time professional fireman and EMT in Paris, Texas during the mid 60’s.Dr. Haynes latest books are “NO STRINGS ATTACHED:THE HEALING POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,” A Guide To Pet Angels, and “ENABLERS CAN KILL ADDICTS” the true story of a family who overcame the terrible tragedy of addiction.

Michael has traveled across America and several foreign countries lecturing churches and communities, as well as training law enforcement personnel, concerning the sweeping problems caused by gangs/cults and occult related crime.His seminars have been in great demand and attended by thousands.“The god Of Rock “ seminar was seen by over 1 millionpeople during the mid 1980’s.For those in the Navajo Nation, Dr. Haynes is no stranger to the New Mexico area.

Dr. Haynes founded the Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc. in 1998 and served as its Executive Director, as well as having a private counseling practice.Prior to CCC, Dr. Haynes and his wife Marj founded THE FAITH BASED COUNSELOR TRAINING INSTITUTE in 1996.It was one of Texas first counselor certification schools under the new law, HB 2481, which was established by then Texas Governor George W. Bush’s ‘Faith In Action’ program which allowed ‘faith-based programs to stand equal to the Texas counseling licensure process as an alternative to secular counseling in the area of Chemical Dependency and other life controlling problems. Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee also welcomed Dr. Haynes and The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute into his state to train chaplains and volunteers in the Arkansas Department of Correction and state crisis intervention workers.Florida Governor Jeb Bush also invited Dr. Haynes into Tallassee to train government workers how to deal with suicide threats because of 4 hurricanes that hit Flordia in 2004.Texas Governor Rick Perry also did the same thing.

Michael finished his undergraduate work with a B.A. in counseling/theology from Dallas Baptist University in 1972.Following, he pastored three multi staff Southern Baptist churches while attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Baylor University Graduate School of Theology.He earned a Masters in Theology and a Ph.D. in counseling and theology from Christian Bible College and Rocky Mt. Theological Seminary. He served as Interim President of Woodcrest Christian College, formerly Dallas Bible College during the ‘80’s.Dr. Haynes held an L.C.D.C (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor), and his work with cult activity is nationally known. He assisted law enforcement and Rio Grande Valley communities and churches following the cult murders at Matamoros, Mexico and lectured the entire Texas Sheriff’s Association in 1989 at their annual convention on the subject of Occult Related Crime. Dr. Haynes also served as an ‘arms length’ consultant to the F.B.I. in the Branch Davidian David Koresh standoff in Waco, TX.

Michael introduced CRISIS CHAPLAINCY CARE to the Temple Texas Police Department and Fire and Rescue and Temple City Workers in 2003.His programs have since been endorsed by Harris County Offices of Emergency Management and Harris County Sheriff Academy.Crisis Chaplaincy entered Harris County with Houston, Texas being 2nd largest city in the country.He is also certified with the International Conference of Police Chaplains, as well as achieving basic and advanced certification in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Management.Because of Dr. Haynes being a former Firefighter and Emergency Medical Service worker, he was asked by the North American Mission Board to lead a team of chaplains and mental health professionals from Texas to Ground Zero in New York City to assess the need for NAMB Chaplains immediately following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers September 2001..He arrived 3 days after the towers fell and worked for over one year training clergy, mental health workers, fire, police and support personnel in how to counsel the victims of severe crime and disaster.New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani and Ground Zero site manager Dr. David Hartman recommended his highly successful counseling and training work. His new work, “RESTORING THE TRAUMATIZED MIND” is in the writing stage at this time.He has recently trained military counselors at Fort Hood, TX in Anger Management and dealing with PTSD.

Because of his work at Ground Zero, Michael was invited by the Chinese Government in 2008 to go to Hong Kong, China and train volunteers to travel into the mainland following the major earthquake in Sichuan.He was the lead trainer for over 3,000 volunteers that learned how to work with people who had been severely traumatized.The magazine, Christianity Today, did an entire article on Dr. Haynes and Dr. Robert Young’s work with the Chinese military.The Chinese Psychology Department in Beijing invited Dr. Haynes and gave him credentials to conduct the training.The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute was also given credentials to do further training in China whenever necessary.

Because of his writings, Dr. Haynes was a very sought after speaker in the 80’s and 90’s.He has shared the platform with three presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, Adrian Rogers, Bailey Smith and Jimmy Draper.He also wrote a book for each of them.He has spoken in conference programs with Major Ian Thomas, Arthur Blessitt, Barry Wood, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Mike Warnkie, Carman, Ken Medema, Gary Lanier, Bill Gothard, Dave Roever, James Robison, Tim LaHaye, Henry Blackabee, Mike Huckabee, Bishop Nate Holcome, Bishop David Hartman and many others.Again, because of the bestselling books, “The god of Rock” A Christian Perspective of Rock Music, and “The Kid Killer” Teen Suicide, both books published in the 80’s, he has been interviewed by numerous TV and radio ministries, including Trinity Broadcasting.

Michael lived in Nashville for several years managing world-wide copyrights for numerous Gold and Platinum country music stars.He worked with Hal Bynum, the writer of Kenny Rogers hit, Lucille. He also worked with Mary John Wilkins who owned Buckhorn Music and many of Kris Kristofferson’s copyrights.

There is a long history of Michael’s involvement in trying to advance the Kingdom of our Lord in many arenas.In 1990 he walked onto the concert bus with the Highwayman; Kris, Willie, Johnny, and Waylon and heard them say when he and Hal Bynum came in, “Here come the Preachers!”

Dr. Haynes is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and is currently the President and Founder of three national organizations including The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc., Crisis Chaplaincy Care, Inc., and Pet Angels, Inc.He resides in Steamboat Springs Colorado with his wife Marj.